Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Open Draft

pen the door, quick!”
Daphne, carrying a bucket filled with left-over, raced towards the barn’s big arched door.

“It’d better be good this time or Prime shall hear of you.” she said while unbolting the door.

“Daphne, it’s not dead! It’s not dead!” shouted the voice.

As she opened the door, there in the entryway was Matt gasping for air yet his face was taut with suppressed excitement. How many miles had he probably run into?

“What is not dead?” Daphne asked. Tense was starting to build up in her whole body as if she is already expecting what is to be said.

“The prophecy Daphne, the prophecy. That is what is not dead.”

Stunned of what she had heard, she dropped the bucket right onto her foot without feeling the pain. Her heart slowed so as the pace of her breathing. Her senses were numbed. Pigs squealed and grunted.

“The prophecy is not dead Daphne.” Matt repeated. “For all these decades, we thought the prophecy had betrayed us. We thought that hope is lost, but no. Hope shall once be restored in our lands Daph.”

“He’s here.” Daphne whispered, still numbed to her senses.

“Hey old lady, are you there? Did you even noticed me or even heard of what I said?” Matt waved his hand in front of her oval-shaped face, snapped his fingers, and did a little dance to get Daphne's attention.

Gathering the strength left in her, she faced Matt. Her face was a perfect display of emotions at play. Together at once, she was full of excitement and fear. Fear.

“Matt, if he is here then, our fate, the one the prophecy tells us.” Daphne gasped.


This is still my first draft. Hope you like it :)


  1. It's creepy! haha what's the prophesy all about?

  2. Stick around... :) Di pa tapos...

  3. ooohh...san na kasunod?.. :))