Saturday, June 11, 2011


All alone I saw the set of the sun,
'twas still blazing like the roadrunners run.
Wandering thoughts from a pilgrim within.
Watched what's the next connection from what's been.
Teardrops to my cheek;
a hungry brain and a heart so sick.
And all alone I saw the set of the sun;
it seemed from me, it shunned.
Busybodies all around so stressed;
the nagging of a whole day's non-rest,
to learn and to earn stipend,
remuneration from a moil's spent.
I got weary and left alone.
Playing with leaves wind-blown.
But never mind, they never mind
just intoxicating but never mind...

Tilted head I stared again...
Beneath those canopy a yen.
It shouted and roared through my nerves;
and bounced back the earth's curves.
Red roses and white ones,
I want those mine be mine at once.
With tilted head I stared again...
Yet they're not coming back again.
The dust covered the mobile clouds;
chain of islets along with mounts.
I could not see anything the least
just tinted chain on my wrist.
I didn't understand the fall,
I fell several times before.
But what hurt the most was that --
the last fall with gore so glut.

The rain dropped as my wound bleed,
like over-poaching pain I can't get rid.
Over the escarpment and plateau
my mind kept wandering to and fro.
Wind whistled with rushing waves; I pry,
thunder rolled across the heavy sky.
Still the rain dropped as my wound bleed.
Melancholy. Silence. I pondered and ceased --
from everything that burdened me.
I stood alone --- Reality!
O! It tingled, flowed my veins..
no more sick heart and hungry brains.
I wiped the teardrops from my cheeks;
while sung the bird with yellow beak.
Apocryphal, yet it was true -
I learned living without you.

CHANGE --- was all thou can ever give.
Even I could never believe.
It's modern and possessed consistency.
Gradually, it'll be a part of the economy.
See through the cleat firmament;
I see my heart filled with content.
And change is what the world can give,
it bruised and caused a lot of grief!
Oblivious, but sure, I got pretty insane.
I don't used to waste my penny for useless cocaine.
But done were those days I cried,
I sat in the meadow -- deprived.
Along with the flowers alive,
they're dandelions revived!
Because now my sorrows all dead,
I buried them six feet, I said.

Long was the night but 'nconstant;
long was the hopeless wishing grant.
Sun rises, then it sets.
Life goes on, but with a lot of frets.
Life goes on -- with me alone.
Cold as the ambiance of the winter dawn,
yet long was the night but 'nconstant;
long was the helpless wishing grant.
Tomorrow I see a future so nigh
together with the years came by.
Let alone the blissful mem'ries I had
that pained me terribly bad.
Let alone those memories they stay,
until the time I come to lay.
In a sepulcher with wide array;
and, I'll whisper it was then OK.
And, I'll whisper soft and slow...
My past was worth my way to go.


  1. ooh... :)
    deep..had to read it twice!
    great job :)
    few people our age (lol i may be a year older I think) can do what you do.. I like points pa na boy ka...
    keep it up!

  2. @popsy .. I'm not a boy. My name is URE ;)
    @joross .. mao lagi haha st vincent-millay inspired bia na :)
    @joslyn .. THANKS :)